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Proofpoint, Inc.

Setup Step 6 -- Configuring Features

Situation Admins would like to know which features are included in different packages to better determine which license would suit their company or customer best.
Solution Available features can be enabled under Account Management > Features.


The hyperlinked features below will take you to articles explaining that feature in greater detail.

All packages:

Business and higher

All of the Above plus the following:

  • URL Defense - To access, navigate to Malicious Content > URL Defense.
  • Attachment Defense - Enable or disable from Account Management > Features. No additional configuration, only the option to enable or disable
  • Data Loss Prevention - Enable or disable from Account Management > Features. DLP option will be available in filters once enabled

Advanced and Pro

All of the Above plus the following:

  • Email Encryption - Enable or disable from Account Management > Features. Once enabled you will have the ability to set up outbound filters to encrypt emails


Important information

[Setup Step 1] - Instructions for activating Proofpoint Essentials for a domain's inbound email
[Setup Step 2] - Creating Users

[Setup Step 3] - Firewall lockdown options for Email & LDAP Discovery

[Setup Step 4] - Instructions for changing MX records

[Setup Step 5] - (Optional): Instructions on activating Proofpoint Essentials for an organization's outbound email

[Setup Step 6] - Current Step - Configuring additional features

  • Beginner package will no longer be offered by Proofpoint after December 31st, 2020
  • After that date, Proofpoint will not longer sell that License type.
  • If you upgrade to the next higher package, you are unable to revert to the lower package.