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Outbound mail rejected - 554 5.7.1: Relay access denied

Situation Your outbound mail is rejected with a Relay access denied mail response.
Solution Check various settings in Domain and User Settings using the below instructions.


Relay access denied

Why do I keep getting a 554 5.7.1: Relay access denied?

Proofpoint Essentials is a closed relay system. This means that all mail going through the Essentials platform must have a user associated with the platform, whether that be an End-User, alias, or Functional Account.


To resolve this issue you will want to check two areas on the platform:

  • Domains
  • Users and Groups


Please review this KB for configuration of your outbound relay: Enabling outbound relay feature

Per enablement of outbound relay KB:

  • inbound relay must be enabled
  • outbound relay must be enabled
  • sending IPs or SMTP authentication must be set

Valid email addresses

Navigate to User Management section for the below items:

  • An email address must exist in the Proofpoint Essentials system in some form.
    • Click Users. Make sure the email address who is getting the relay access denied message is listed in this section.
    • Click Functional Accounts. If the email address is a group or functional account, make sure the account is also listed here.
    • An alias can be added to an existing email address and can be used to send.
  • If the customer has been SMTP discovered, click SMTP Discovery and check as per SMTP discovery settings

If you just added the user in the last hour or enabled relay on the domain, your changes might have not taken effect. Give any enabled domain or added user 30 to 60 minutes to properly propagate on the platform.

If you still keep getting this error message after trying these steps please contact support.