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Setting up Who Receives SMTP Discovery Reports

Situation SMTP Discovery Reports detailing new/invalid users are generated every Thursday. You want to control who these reports are sent to and ensure the correct contacts receive them. 
Solution By default, SMTP Discovery Reports are sent to the Tech Contact for the account. The Admin Contact can be included by changing the SMTP Discovery Settings.

Include Admin Contact in the Report

By default, the weekly SMTP Discovery Report is sent to the Tech Contact listed for the account provided the contact is listed under the customer or listed under the customer's direct parent.  

To include the Admin Contact as a recipient of this report, ensure the option Include Admin Contact in the Report is checked in the SMTP Discovery settings AND that the admin contact is a user listed under the customer account. 

Change the Admin/Tech Contact

To change the Admin and/or Tech Contact of the Customer's Account, follow these steps:-

  1. Navigate to Company Settings > Profile.
  2. Select Change Profile Information.
  3. In the field for Admin/Tech Contact, use the dropdown menu to select an appropriate contact