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Legacy Archive Export - Frequently Asked Questions

Situation You are exporting data from the legacy archive and have questions about the process. 
Solution This article covers the most frequently asked questions around the export of data from the legacy archive


This article ONLY applies to the Legacy Email Archive.

How is exported data delivered?

Exported data is pushed to an FTPS location. The partner or customer must retrieve the data from the specified location.

What format is the exported data provided in?

Exported data is delivered in EML format within a zip file(s).

Can partial exports be requested (e.g. archived email for specific users and/or specific time frames)?

No. Only a complete export of the archive is supported.

How long do exports take?

Export timing depends on the number of archive export requests queued and the size of the customers archive. Once an export request is made, we will provide a rough estimate on archive export time.

Can I perform my own exports?

No. This capability is not provided. We recommend you upgrade to the new Essentials Email Archive where you can perform self-serve exports.  Note:  You can export a single message at a time but there is not multiple export option for an end user.