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Migrating from Essentials Legacy Archive to the Essentials Email Archive

About Legacy Archive Migration

The Legacy Archive Migration involves moving historical archived data from the legacy Email Archive service and onto the new Email Archive service.   


Steps Description Additional Information
  • Setup the new Archive
  • The new archive must be active before we can perform an archive migration.

Please refer to Email Archive Getting Started Guide for email archive setup related topics.

  • Disable the legacy Archive connection
  • The legacy Exchange connections must be stopped within the legacy email archive configuration page.
  • Request Archive migration
  • Requests are initiated by creating a ticket in the Proofpoint Essentials support portal.
  • Suport Portal: Proofpoint Communities


  • Archive Data Export
  • Archived data is exported from the legacy archive.
  • A preliminary report will be provided once the export is complete.
  • Archive Data import
  • Data is imported into the new archive
  • An import report will be provided once the import is complete.
  • Data verification
  • Partner/customer can now search migrated emails.
  • Legacy Archive decommissioned
  • Legacy archive site is decommisioned and feature is disabled.


Migration requests cannot be processed until the following prerequisite steps have been completed:

  1. Customer must be setup on the new Email Archive.

Refer to Email Archive Getting Started Guide in order to setup the new archive.

  1. Legacy archive connections must be stopped to ensure that there is no further email being collected and added to the to the legacy archive.

Disabling Legacy Archive Connections

Before you disable your legacy archive connections, you should ensure that you have disabled or removed any journal rules that were originally in place. Once disabled, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Proofpiont Essentials
  2. Click on Archive followed by Legacy Email Archive
  3. Click on the gear icon (located in the upper right hand side of the archive screen)
  4. Locate the MS Exchange Server section
  5. Click stop next to each MS exchange server connection listed

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q. Can I access the legacy email archive during a migration?

Yes. The legacy archive will remain available throughout the migration process. Only when the migration has completed and been verified is the archive decommissioned.

Q. How long does the archive migration take?

This depends on how much data needs be migrated. The Professional Services associate will be able to provide guidance after a ticket has been created.