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Users not receiving email messages

Situation Customer reports new user stopped receiving emails. User received emails the last weeks.

Check SMTP Discovery under users and Groups and make sure that user is not marked as "Invalid User"

  1. How to check the Mark Invalid list
  2. How to Delete user has been marked as Invalid


Please see [SMTP Discovery management] more for information on managing SMTP Discovery users.

How to check if user has been marked as Invalid :

  1. Navigate to Users and Groups > SMTP Discovery.
  2. Select Marked Invalid List from the dropdown.
  3. Type name of the user in question in the search text field.
  4. If you find the user email that stopped receiving emails, you need to delete that user.

How to Delete user has been marked as Invalid :

  1. Click the checkbox besides the user account.
  2. Select Select from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Removed from Invalid List.
  4. Click Apply to save changes.

Remember this will not create the user account, you still need to create the user manually.

Please Note: Users will only be automatically added for received messages if Expired Addresses Default to New User is enabled, and only added automatically for outbound if Auto-add New Users Detected via Outbound is enabled (both under the SMTP Discovery settings.)  If these options are not used, they will need to be added via the Discovered list within the New User report, or via the SMTP Discovery report under Users & Groups > SMTP Discovery.

SMTP Discovery will be disabled if LDAP or Azure auto sync are enabled.