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Proofpoint, Inc.

Understanding Email Logs

Logs are an important part of troubleshooting mail flow. Keep in mind the logs found on Proofpoint Essentials only tell you what happens to the message once it is accepted and received by one of our MTA’s.

How to search Logs:

Proofpoint Essentials only keep logs for a rolling 30 days. You can search the logs by selecting day range up to and including 30 days. There is also a 1000 log search limit. If you hit this limit, please refine your search to narrow down results. You can refine your search results by searching by the type (Inbound or Outbound), from address, to address, subject, and status.

View: As an Administrator, you can view quarantined messages by clicking on the view button on the log result.

Detail: Every log should have a Detail button under actions. Click this detail button to view details about the message in question. Please see this page for more details.