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Proofpoint, Inc.

NEW Login Experience

Situation The first part of November 2020 we are introducing a new login experience.
Solution Details, FAQ and screen shots of the new experience.

Details of the new experience 

During the first part November 2020 all users who access Proofpoint Essentials UI will see the new login experience once environments are updated. Branded & white-labeled login experiences will also be updated but continue to rendered in the new experience.

No actions are required on your part to enable this change.

As part of the update, the user login experience has been broken into two steps:

  • Step 1: The user enters their email address
  • Step 2: The user enters their password

For entities (including Partner and Customer accounts) who have been configured to sync with Azure Active Directory, you can now choose to allow users to authenticate with their Azure active directory credentials. This setting will be available on the Azure Active Directory configuration page and is defaulted to OFF.


If customers are already using the Office 365 Account button (on our existing page), will it continue to work?

No. Customers will need to enable this setting on the Azure AD config page.

Will there be an option to manually SELECT ‘Office 365’ login after they’ve entered their username?

No. It will allow the user to enter their password (PFPT auth) or reset their password.

Do these changes affect API authentication? 

No. API auth is still through the PFPT auth (configured username/password)

Is there an impact to current or white-label URLs?


Are there any changes to stack redirects (If a user logs into a different stack URL then they’re account is located)?


What happens is Azure/O365 auth is down?

​​We will fallback to PFPT auth (password).

Screen shots

Current Login Experience

Non-branded / Branded

current non-branded.png current branded.png


New Login Experience

Non-branded / Branded

new login non-branded.png new login branded.png