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Proofpoint, Inc.

Adjusting your spam settings

How to access your spam settings

Go to Email > Spam Settings

Spam Settings

Spam Sensitivity Slider

The current trigger level for spam settings is shown as a slider and a numeric value. Beneath the slider is a visual representation of the trigger level, indicating the proportion of emails that will be passed or failed based on the current settings.

Click on the slider, or drag the control, to the left (more aggressive spam identification) or right (less aggressive spam identification).
By default, the value is 7. A system-generated comment about the current settings appears at the top of the page.

Click Save.

You can also change any of the following, but it is strongly recommended that you do not do so without contacting your administrator:

Quarantine bulk email

When set to “yes”, bulk email (e.g. email newsletters, promotional offers from sites you have agreed to receive materials from) will be quarantined.

Spam stamp & forward

When set to "no", this feature is disabled.

When set to “all”, email will still be filtered for spam but will be delivered to the inbox even if spam is detected. The subject line of detected spam will be appended with the value entered in the Spam stamp & forward content tag (by default, ***SPAM***).

When set to “partial”, messages are handled 3 ways:

  1. messages below a certain threshold (clean) are delivered normally.
  2. messages scoring in a mid-range (possible spam) will be delivered, but with the stamp (by default, ***SPAM***) added to the subject.
  3. messages above the top threshold (most likely spam) are quarantined.

Include an easy spam reporting disclaimer in passed email

When set to “yes”, a footer will be added to all inbound emails. The footer includes a link that the email recipient can click on to have the email reported as spam to Proofpoint Essentials.

Crosscheck inbound DSNs (bounces, receipts) using outbound logs

When set to “yes”, additional analysis is performed on emails, based on outbound delivery logs.

Does Proofpoint Essentials monitor outbound email for Spam?

Proofpoint Essentials filters outbound email for Spam. If a message is not delivered it will be recorded in the Email Logs and can be manually released to the intended recipient. Please note that similar messages of this nature are likely to be quarantined in future.