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Display Name is wrong in Encryption Portal

Situation Your sending display name is wrong or not what you desire when using the Encryption service.
Solution The Proofpoint cloud system can be updated to have a different display name.

Encryption portal interface

The Encryption portal pulls information from the Proofpoint cloud system. The display name on very old accounts may be botched due to some initial deployment issues.

Very old accounts when Proofpoint Essentials first deployed this feature may have problems. Newer accounts may just have to update due to some typographical issues if they registered.

More recent accounts may not have issues here, but you can change your display name if you wish to have it something else.

How to update Display Name

The Proofpoint Essentials Encryption service utilizes similar items with our other Proofpoint products. The Proofpoint Essentials encryption interface does not allow you to change your display name. So long as you have registered properly, you can proceed with updating your display name. Please see this KB for registration: Register for Encrypted Email - SecureMail Portal

Once registered, please follow the below steps:

  1. Log in at:
  2. Navigate to the top right person icon.
  3. Click the person icon.
  4. Click Preferences.
  5. Change the First and Last name fields
  6. Click Save.

Once saved, this will reflect in the Secure Share portal. You can verify by logging out of Secure Share, and go to the SecureMail Portal at

Your Name should be updated via the top right person icon when you view the account you are logged in as.