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Proofpoint, Inc.

Register for Encrypted Email - SecureMail Portal

Situation An encryption notification has come with a link to the Proofoint encryption portal and users are unsure how to proceed with registration.
Solution This is a guide on the steps and process for registering with Proofpoint Essentials SecureMail Portal.


Please note that while passwords do not expire, it is recommended to periodically change them.


Registration Steps:

Recipient receives Encrypted Email

  1. Open the notification email and click the View Encrypted email box.

You will be re-directed to a secure Proofpoint portal.

  1. Enter the email address that the notification was sent to.

Recipient Email Address

Only the recipient email address is allowed to view, regardless of what address is being registered.

  1. Click Continue....
  2. Fill in the form: Please Register to Continue.

You will then see Thank you for registering! Just one more step.

You will be sent an email to the registered address with instructions on how to complete your registration

  1. Click Confirm.

You should now be registered successfully and be able to see your Encrypted mailbox 

Please do not request another confirmation email for at least 10-15 minutes, If you request a further confirmation email, this may cause you to see error's similar to Server IP address could not be found. If you do request a further confirmation email, ensure that you are selecting the most recent email sent for confirmation.