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How to Create Custom DLP Dictionary Filter Policy Rule

Situation You want to implement a Data Loss Prevention Dictionary policy.
Solution This is accomplished by creation of a custom DLP filter policy rule. See below for a list of Smart Identifiers you can use in the filter.


Best Practice:
Where possible, a dictionary should be used in conjunction with a corresponding smart identifier. EX: SSN Dictionary with SSN smart ID. Also, each filter should be separate, not in one large filter.

How to create the custom DLP filter policy rule:

  1. Navigate to Security Settings> Email > Filter Policies.
  2. Click New Filter.
  3. Enter an appropriate name in the Filter Name field.
  4. Select Inbound or Outbound depending on the direction of mail flow that the filter should be applied.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. From the Scope dropdown, select the scope that the filter should apply to.
  7. From the If dropdown, select Dictionary Scan.
  8. Click Manage. A pop-up window will appear.
  9. Check the Smart Identifiers that you wish to scan for. You may choose as many as you wish. See below for available Smart Identifiers.
  10. Click Close.
  11. From the Do dropdown, choose the appropriate action to take when the filter is identified. For example, you may select Quarantine.
  12. Click Save.


A dictionary is a pre-defined regular terms that have been grouped together. There are 3 dictionaries.

The dictionaries are available upon request only. Please open a support ticket if you would like to review these.


Financial Information

  • ABA Terms
  • Trading Terms
  • Driver License Terms

Personal Information

  • Broker Terms
  • Clean Words
  • Credit Card Terms
  • Credit Report Terms
  • ITAR Country
  • ITAR Term
  • MRN Term
  • Resume Term
  • SSN Term
  • Source Code
  • SourceCode Perl
  • GDPR PII Term
  • W2

Protected Health Information

  • ICD 10
  • ICD 9
  • NDC Class
  • NDC Dosage
  • NDC Names
  • NDC Route


Important using Dictionary Only:
If using Dictionary only, these should be separated conditions, either a separate filter, or used as an AND condition in the same filter.
EX, DOB should be used with an AND condition to another dictionary.