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Proofpoint, Inc.

Proofpoint Essentials Release Notes 07 July 2020


We are proud to announce the latest release of Essentials. This release will be rolled out for general availability to all customers by July 9th, 2020. No actions are required to receive this update. 

This update:


  • Removes the URL Defense character limit entirely.
  • Adds validation to the email tagging settings to show an error when the user attempts to save an invalid input.
Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue whereby the domains API would return an Internal Server Error when called.
  • Corrects an issue with domain verification and domain creation.
  • Fixes an unique domain issue when trying to create a channel management customer.
  • Fixes an issue whereby the EULA acceptance checkbox would display when creating a customer even if it was disabled.
  • Addresses some minor UI bugs.