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Proofpoint, Inc.

Next Generation User Interface Upgrade (2020)


The new Proofpoint Essentials user experience is ready for broad availability. As a result we will be upgrading all Partners and their customers to the experience.

Partners have had access to preview the experience since early 2019 and over that time several hundred partners have tested the new experience and provided feedback. Throughout this period of time we have continued to make improvements based on the feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the UI upgrades start and end?

UI upgrades will begin in early February 2020 and continue until completion. We expect to complete all upgrades no later than June 2020. 

Will I have to do any preliminary actions before the upgrade can take place?

No preliminary actions are required by you or your customers. Upgrades will be triggered by Proofpoint personnel. Once completed, all organizations under your management, including your own partner account, will use to the new user experience.

How long does the upgrade take?

The upgrade takes minutes and there is no disruption to users or mail activity during this time.

Can I change back to the old user experience?

No. Once the upgrade has taken place, you cannot be changed back to the old experience.

Can I choose not to be upgraded?

No. All partners and customer accounts will need to migrate.

Can I request specific upgrade timing?

Please contact the Product Management team to discuss (

Can I preview the updated UI experience?

Yes. Enable the Preview Version 6.0 (beta) control located at the top of the Essentials user interface. Then choose Preview Version 6.0 (beta) on the next dialog window. This will allow you to preview the UI experience. You can disable this control at any time.

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 11.51.25 AM.png

Can I control when my accounts is upgraded?

Yes. You can force an upgrade at any time. Enable the Preview Version 6.0 (beta) control located at the top of the Essentials user interface. Then choose Permanently migrate to version 6 (beta) on the next dialog window. This will upgrade your account to the new UI experience.

Will the upgrade apply to white-labelled Partner Accounts?

Yes. The upgrade applies to all partners and all customers, including white-labelled partner accounts.

Are there any changes to the URL my company or my customers uses to login?

No. There are no changes to the login URL.

Will there be updates to existing resources (training, videos, collateral, etc.)?

Yes. Existing content will be updated where appropriate. If you have a specific resource you use that you need updated, please notify the Product Management team (


If you have questions or comments about this migration, please contact the Product Management team via email: