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Proofpoint, Inc.

People API


The People API allows administrators to identify which users in their organizations were most attacked during a specified period.

API Features

General Service Notes

  1. All timestamps are in the returned events are in UTC.
  2. Results are returned in JSON format.


Each request:

  • MUST use SSL.
  • MUST use service credentials to authenticate to the API.
  • MUST use the HTTP Basic Authorization method.
  • MUST use the HTTP GET method

Standard responses

Requests to the endpoint can produce a response with a variety of HTTP status codes. The following table describes the scenarios in which these codes can be produced.

Code Message Scenarios
200 Success The request was successful. The body of the response contains the requested information in JSON format.


Bad Request

The request is missing a mandatory request parameter or a parameter contains data which is incorrectly formatted.



There is no authorization information included in the request, the authorization information is incorrect, or the user is not authorized


Internal Server Error

The service has encountered an unexpected situation and is unable to give a better response to the request

Throttle Limits

The number of queries to this endpoint are limited by a simple, rolling 24-hour throttle. Once exceeded, the API will start returning 429 HTTP status codes until 24 hours past the oldest request has elapsed.


Max Number of Requests

/v2/people/vap 50 per 24 hours

Available Endpoints

All endpoints are available on the host. For example,


Fetch the identities of Very Attacked People within your organization for a given period.

Required Parameters


An integer indicating how many days the data should be retrieved for. Accepted values are 14, 30 and 90.

Optional Parameters


The maximum number of VAPs to produce in the response. The attackIndex value determine the order of results. Defaults to 1000.


The page of results to return, in multiples of the specified size (or 1000, if no size is explicitly chosen). Defaults to 1.

Example Command in Curl

The following command assumes that PRINCIPAL and SECRET are defined environment variables. They correspond to the service principal and secret that was created on the Settings page.

curl "" --user "$PRINCIPAL:$SECRET" -s

VAP Results Format

The VAP results object format is a JSON structure that contains nested objects.

Top-level Structure

The top-level structure contains the attributes of the campaign and its membership.

    "users: [ list<Users> ], // an array of User objects
    "totalVapUsers": integer, // an integer describing the total number of VAP users for the interval
    "interval": "string", // an  ISO8601-formatted interval showing what time the response was calculated for
    "averageAttackIndex": integer, // the average attack index value for users during the interval
    "vapAttackIndexThreshold": integer // this interval's attack index threshold, past which a user is considered a VAP

User Objects

A user object contains information about the user's identity and statistics about the threats the user was sent. Detailed Identity information is obtained by synchronizing from a directory.

    "identity": {
        "guid": "string", // a unique identifier within Proofpoint's system
        "customerUserId": "string", // a identifier associated with the user which was provided by the customer, usually from their directory
        "emails": ["string"], // a list of email addresses associated with the user
        "name": "string", // the name of the user, if known, or null
        "department": "string", // the department of the user, if known, or null
        "location": "string", // the location of the user, if known, or null
        "title": "string", // the name of the user, if known, or null
        "vip": false // whether the user has been identified as a VIP
    "threatStatistics": {
        "attackIndex": integer // the attack index value for this user during the selected interval

Example Output

    "users": [{
            "identity": {
                "guid": "dc8766cd-39b2-c5a0-b008-849502c50323",
                "customerUserId": "01232336319812225987",
                "emails": [""],
                "name": "Bruce Wayne",
                "department": "Office of the CEO",
                "location": "Gotham City HQ",
                "title": "CEO",
                "vip": true
            "threatStatistics": {
                "attackIndex": 18558
        }, {
            "identity": {
                "guid": "dcdc2104-cf45-9c1d-d358-4f5fbef93ff9",
                "customerUserId": "12225987012323363198",
                "emails": [""],
                "name": "Clark Kent",
                "department": "News Desk",
                "location": "Metropolis",
                "title": "Reporter",
                "vip": false
            "threatStatistics": {
                "attackIndex": 17280
        }, {
            "identity": {
                "guid": "dc5410b3-5fa9-a26e-8c34-fca0cb9a01e3",
                "customerUserId": null,
                "emails": [""],
                "name": null,
                "department": null,
                "location": null,
                "title": null,
                "vip": false
            "threatStatistics": {
                "attackIndex": 17259
    "totalVapUsers": 150,
    "interval": "2019-10-01T00:00:00Z/2019-11-01T00:00:00Z",
    "averageAttackIndex": 371,
    "vapAttackIndexThreshold": 1520