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Proofpoint, Inc.

Get Help - How To Contact Proofpoint


You need to contact Proofpoint:

  • Non Customers:
    • You represent an organization being affected (email deliverability) by Proofpoint Reputation Services or SORBS and need to inquire about remediation.
    • You want to contact Proofpoint or Proofpoint Support about products or services offered by the company. 
  • Customers:
    • You need to contact Proofpoint Support with a product Issue

Proofpoint resources can be contacted depending on your situation/need: 

  • Non Customers:
    • Proofpoint Is Affecting My Email Delivery
    • Proofpoint Encryption Services
    • Getting in touch with the Sales team 
  • Customers:
    • Contacting Proofpoint Enterprise Support
    • Contacting Proofpoint Essentials Support


Proofpoint is Affecting my Email Delivery

If you believe your IP is being affected by Proofpoint Reputation Services or SORBS, please utilize one of the below resources:

IP Check: 

  • This will let you check the status of your IP address and submit a delist request for the Proofpoint team to consider. 
  • Inquiries can take 72 hours to process. 
  • No response will be generated as a result of your query or by internal work on your request.
  • After following the link to the IP check you can learn more by clicking the Frequently Asked Questions link on that page.

Common Issue: Invalid PTR 
One frequent cause for delivery issues is an invalid or generic PTR (reverse DNS) Record for the IP. The PTR record designates ownership and authorized use of the IP. The IP needs to be given a fully qualified domain name which resolved back to that IP. Lack of a valid PTR record will lower an IPs sending reputation leading it to be more susceptible to listings.

Duplicate Ticket Found
If you get a message stating Duplicate ticket found and still unresolved that means there is currently an open ticket which the Proofpoint team is currently investigating.

Your IP Address is NOT Blocked
If you do an IP lookup and get results back saying Your IP address is not currently being blocked, this means that there are no current blocks on that IP.


If you are still having problems sending to an organization, protected by Proofpoint, you would need to contact that company directly for support. If they are unable to resolve the issue, one of their authorized support contacts can open a ticket and work with Proofpoint Support directly. For security, tracking, and audit purposes, Proofpoint Support cannot work with an outside contact directly.

Delist Request:

This address can be utilized to follow-up on a request or if the above resource didn't work for your situation.  Please provide as much information as possible:

  • Name
  • Name of the company you are representing
  • Email address
  • IP address(es) and/or domain name(s) that are being blocked
  • A brief description of the issue you are experiencing

There is no available phone number.  If you are a Poofpoint customer, contact your appropriate support team.


SORBS (Spam and Open Relay Blocking System) provides publicly available, free access to its DNS-based Block List (DNSBL) to effectively block Spam email.  Any SORBS inquiries must be made through the SORBS website.

Proofpoint Encryption Services

Also known as secure messaging/email or encrypted message/email

For privacy and security purposes, we do not have access to secure messages, login or credential info, etc. These are managed internally by the company or individual that sent you the message/email.  Please reach out to the sending party for any assistance.

Most often secure messaging recipients have issues with logging into the messaging portal.  Please take a look at this knowledge base article for help managing your portal credentials. 

Getting In Touch With The Sales Team 

For more information about Proofpoint products and services or for Account Management questions, please contact a member of our Sales team: +1 877 634 7660

Proofpoint Sales representatives also are available for live chat or via email (web-based form) from the Contact Us page at the website.

Contacting Proofpoint Support

Customers Only
For the security of your company and your account, only Authorized Support Contacts are permitted to contact Proofpoint Support.  Contact your IT or Email administration team if you have a need for help related to a Proofpoint product/service and one your company's authorized contacts will reach out for support as needed.  

Authorized Support Contacts for Proofpoint Essentials accounts can contact Support via the customer portal at (If you are an enterprise customer, you can log in at