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How can I check when the automated user digest was last sent?

Situation In the course of troubleshooting digest delivery issues, you want to check when the user digest was last sent. 
Solution Can confirm when the automated digest was last ran under the user level digest settings


How to check when Automated user digest Was last Sent

  1. Login to the admin portal
  2. If you are a partner or re-seller, click Customers.
  3. Search for the customer in question.
  4. Click the Customer's name the user belongs to.
  5. Click Users & Groups.
  6. Search for the User you want to check the digest for.
  7. Click on their name to view their Profile
  8. Click on Digests.
  9. The timestamp for the last automated digest run will be displayed beside: Timestamp of last Quarantine Digest check: <Date/Time>


The timestamp is of the last automated digest run based on the 'Quarantine Digest delivery start time' and 'Interval between digest checks'. It will not update if you click on 'Send Digest' or if the user requests a new digest via the link in an old digest report