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Proofpoint, Inc.

Requesting assistance from Support to investigate an email problem

Situation Assistance is required from support to investigate an email problem.
Solution Provide Permalink, Full Internet Headers, and Email body.


Information to help support solve the issue

Reporting an email problem to Proofpoint Essentials Support requires information to assist us in narrowing down and investigating the issue. 

If this problem is regarding a misclassification, we strongly recommend that you consult our knowledgebase article How to tune Proofpoint Essentials spam detection performance.

Unless there's a real classification bug with the Proofpoint Essentials engine, which is rare, our advice would be based on the information in the knowledgebase article as this is the main tool we use.  We can make suggestions and investigate where something might clearly be wrong. If you get stuck on a problem we are happy to help.

There are three things to help us investigate or advise on an email problem:


Among other things, this is a very convenient reference that we can use to immediately find the email you're talking about.  You can find it for any email in the Email Logs section in the Proofpoint Essentials Interface. Just click on the message row and bring up the Email Detail page.  If the email in question is not in Email Logs, it didn't pass through Proofpoint Essentials (but maybe you have a bounce problem?).

Full internet headers

Headers of the email contain some other useful information regarding where the email came from, how it was constructed, the history of the email's travel between mail servers, etc., and often this will contain the answer we seek.  Simply forwarding an email, either inline or as an attachment, in most cases does not include this header information; the procedure for obtaining the headers will differ from email client to email client, so please refer to the help pages for that email client.

Email body

The email body might contain some final clues that would help us to determine the most appropriate way to deal with the problem, and help us to understand what it is you expect from Proofpoint Essentials regarding this email.  Of course, some emails are private and you may prefer not to share the content. This might hinder us only depending on the kind of advice you are looking for.

Most Effective Support Queries

The most effective queries to support will contain:

  1. A paragraph providing the Permalink along with a description of the problem.
  2. What you've tried so far and why it didn't work.
  3. The problem email's full internet headers, with the body of the email in question attached. 

If this is about a series of emails:

  1. Please provide as many relevant Permalinks as you think appropriate.
  2. One good example of the headers and body.
  3. A note describing the problem and the pattern that links the series of emails. 

Every situation is different, so please use your best judgment and try thinking from the point of view of someone trying to assist with a problem. We want to help you as quickly as possible and to avoid the time-consuming to-and-fro of asking for more information.