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Proofpoint, Inc.

TLS Certificate Authority for Proofpoint Essentials Outbound Email

Situation You want to validate Proofpoint Essentials' TLS certificate for outbound email. If your TLS certificate for outbound mail is not validated, your mail may be deferred or bounced.
Solution This article provides information on the Certificate Authority's issued TLS Certificate for Proofpoint Essentials outbound email.


TLS Certificate CA

Common Name *
SANs *,
Organization Proofpoint, Inc.
Location Sunnyvale, California, US
Valid from February 24, 2020
Expires April 6th, 2021
Serial Number 07:90:b9:31:5a:de:73:c6:c0:14:15:b9:51:91:79:9b
Signature Algorithm SHA-256 With RSA Encryption
Issuer thawte SSL CA - G