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Why are emails with javascript (.js) attachments being blocked?

Situation Emails containing Javascript (.js) files are being blocked and you want to circumvent this block.
Solution Javascript files can often contain malicious code that can compromise your network. Using a custom filter, you can allow emails containing .js files from specified senders.


Implement custom filter to bypass block

By default, Proofpoint Essentials will quarantine emails containing Javascript (.js) files as they can often contain malicious code. You can override this block by implementing a Custom Filter with the logic below. 

It is imperative that you ensure the file is legitimate and the sender is trusted before implementing this filter. Failing to do this can allow harmful code to enter your network.

  1. Navigate to Email > Filter Policies > New Filter.
  2. Give the filter an appropriate name.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Use the following conditions for your filter:
    1. For Scope, select Company.
    2. For If, select Attachment Name.
    3. From the next dropdown, select IS.
    4. In the final field, type *.js.
  5. Click ADD ANOTHER CONDITION, and use the following settings:
    1. From the first dropdown, select Sender Address.
    2. Next, select IS.
    3. In the final field, enter the appropriate addresses. For example,,
  6. From the Do dropdown, select Allow.
  7. Click Save.

Your conditions should match below:

IF Attachment Name IS *.js
AND Sender Address IS,
DO Allow