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Proofpoint, Inc.

Scheduling reports

To schedule a report:

  1. Only favorite reports can be scheduled. If necessary, generate a report and mark it as a favorite: in the top right corner, click the cog wheel icon (i_report.png) and choose Save as Favorite. You are prompted to provide a name for the favorite: the report will appear on the left panel in the list under favourites reports. Note, the Threat Insights Dashboard Report 7d, 14d, 30d will automatically appear in the report list without the need favourite the report.
  2. In the Reports Section, click Schedule List.
  3. Click Add a Report Schedule.
  4. Enter a Description for the scheduled report.
  5. Choose the Frequency (every x months, every week on a specific weekday) at which the report should be scheduled.
  6. Enter the email address to which the report should be sent (Sent to).
  7. From the Choose a Report list, choose the report to be produced on a schedule (list includes all reports marked as favorites).
  8. Click Save.=6