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Proofpoint, Inc.

Using Zix with Proofpoint Essentials

Situation Can Proofpoint Essentials be used in the Zix mail flow?
Solution Depending on mail flow, you can send out directly for Zix, or have the Zix system send through our smarthost.

Using Zix Encryption with the Proofpoint Essentials Smarthost

Customers using Zix as a secure webmail application instead of Proofpoint Essentials encryption solution should ensure the IP addresses listed below are added to the sending servers list. We support this configuration on the Proofpoint platform. Adding the IP addresses will help avoid potential delivery issues.

  • Go to Company Settings > Domains New Sending Server > Add IP address

These are the last known IP ranges from Zix. 

This list may not be up to date

Please refer to Zix support for their full IP sets.


Notices sent from the Zix portal will typically come from, (which is IP addresses through but can also come from one of the above ranges as well.


Using Proofpoint Essentials Encryption with Zix encryption

The Zix service may have a custom x-header piece. Please get the specific x-header from Zix


It is possible that the x-header from Zix is: x-vpm-select

However, please confirm with your documentation on Zix of the exact specific x-header piece.

With the custom x-header, please ensure that you create the appropriate filter to initiate the Proofpoint Essentials encryption. You can set-up a filter similar to our plug-in filter found here: Setting-up Email Encryption Filters