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Sync Frequency Reverts To Never

Situation I have saved my AD/Azure sync settings and set the sync frequency to run automatically; however this keeps switching to never
Solution A Tech Contact needs to be set for sync frequency to be saved


AD/Azure Sync Frequency

Proofpoint Essentials allows Admin Users to set Sync Frequency so that we automatically sync new users/functional accounts from their user directory environments.

These sync directories are found by navigating to:

Administration > User Management



Why does sync frequency keep changing to never

This is due to no Tech Contact being set on the Company Profile Page. A Tech Contact is required so that Proofpoint can send notifications of when users are added/removed etc based upon your AD/Azure settings


Set a Tech Contact

To set a Tech Contact click MANAGE.


If SMTP Discovery is also enabled we highly recommend this feature is disabled. SMTP Discovery also disables AD/Azure sync frequency no matter if Tech Contact is set or not


For more information please see the following:

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