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Configuring Intermedia Sending Servers

Situation While setting up Outbound Email Relay, Intermedia customers must include specific IP addresses as a Sending Server.
Summary See the below list for IP addresses you need to add as a Sending Server. Customers will receive an update list of new Ip addresses from Intermedia.

If you are an Intermedia customer, you will need to add each of the below IP addresses as a Sending Server via the Essentials UI. For steps on how to do so, please see the section titled Enable Relaying Through Proofpoint Essentials in the article Setting up Outbound Email Relay.

**Important** these are Intermedia's IPs as of May 2020. Essentials Support will not be monitoring any updates to these, so please verify with Intermedia Support that these are correct.


* The IP ranges in red color will need to be converted to CIDR 24 by the customer. Proofpoint Essentials doesn't allow IP ranges grater than CIDR 24. The link bellow that can be use to convert those IP ranges to a CIDR 24 :


Questions Needed to be Answered to Provide Intermedia