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Proofpoint, Inc.

How to log in with an Office 365 Account

  • Users don't remember their Proofpoint portal log in credentials.
  • Organizations would like to use O365 credentials for Proofpoint portal authentication.
Solution This article will guide you on how to log into Proofpoint Essentials user interface using your Office 365 Account



  • You must have user with valid email O365 credentials. 
  • A matching email/alias account in Proofpoint Essentials. 
  • Verify that Disable login with O365 credentials is NOT checked under Administration > User Management > Import & Sync > Azure Active Directory

Logging in with Office 365


  1. Go to your Proofpoint Essentials account login page.
  2. Under Or log in with click Office 365 Account.
  3. Link will redirect you to a Microsoft account login page.
  4. Enter your O365 credentials.
  5. If successful, login will redirect you back to Proofpoint Essentials and you will be automatically signed into your account.