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Proofpoint, Inc.

Adding a New Customer

Situation A new customer needs to be added to the Channel Account/Organization.
Solution Under Customer Management, you can view, add, and then configure a new customer.


Adding a new customer

Proofpoint Essentials has been updated to a new format where you can quickly create and add customers under your organization. To do this, go to Administration > Customer Management > Customers.


After the page has loaded, click on Add a Customer. clipboard_e4634276ce36df974f888b0fddca19a43.png

Filling Out the Customer Details

You will be presented with the following 3 screens for configuring your customer. Below are the screens which you can expect when adding a new customer:

Step 1


  1. Select which type of account you are adding. You can select Channel or Organization.
  2. In this example, we are choosing Organization to add a customer. You can choose Channel if you are adding a new MSP or other Partner account that will need to host their own customers as well.
  3. Select Email Security.
  4. Select the Package you wish to use for the new Customer.
  5. Enter in the number of licenses the customer will need.
  6. Click Next.

Step 2


  1. Fill out the Customer Details:
    • Company Name
    • Street Address
    • City
    • Postal Code
    • Country
    • Phone Number
    • Website
  2. Click Next when finished.

Step 3


  1. Enter the domain name (just the domain, do not enter www. in this field) [E.G.]
  2. Enter in the First Name and Last Name fields.
  3. This will automatically generate an email address for this account. You can change and correct this to the proper email address.

Please Note: This email address entered in the Email Address field must be an email associated with the domain. If you choose to change it to any external email address (I.E. this will result in a failure when attempting to add the new customer. The address entered here can be a temporary email that can be removed after customer creation, but the initial email associated with the account must be on the same domain as the one you are adding.

  1. Select whether to send a Welcome Email or not by utilizing the checkbox.
  2. Click Next.

Step 4


  1. Review the customer information to ensure it is correct.
  2. Click I accept the EULA if everything is accurate.
  3. Lastly, click on Purchase or Trial (30 Days) to complete the order.
  4. The customer will be added to your customer list and then you will be able to manage, organize, and configure the new customer appropriately.