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Disclaimers on Proofpoint Essentials


You want to append a disclaimer to outbound email. For example, a legal warning that the email was only meant for the intended recipient.

  1. How do I setup a disclaimer for outbound email?
  2. Can I setup two different disclaimers for one client with two domains?
  3. Disclaimer Order Of Precedence.
  4. Disclaimer Settings Work As Pairs.

How do I setup a disclaimer for outbound email

If you have implemented the Proofpoint Essentials Outbound Relay service, you can setup a custom disclaimer for all outbound email sent out from the registered organization.

How to Enable Disclaimer Feature:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Navigate to Company Settings Features.
  3. Click checkbox next to Enable Disclaimers.
  4. Click Save.

Create Disclaimer:

  1. Navigate to Company Settings Disclaimer.
  2. Add your custom outbound text into the two text boxes.

Can i setup two different disclaimers for one client with two domains?

Yes. Put the users of each domain into different groups and assign the disclaimer to the group and not the organization. This assumes the secondary email addresses are registered as separate users.

Disclaimer Order Of Precedence

Filter order of precedence is the following:

User > Group > Company

We will first check if a disclaimer is set at user level, if not we will check group level, then finally company level until we find disclaimers to append to outbound mail.

When making a change to a disclaimer you need to wait 5 minutes until this change is reflected correctly in your outbound emails.

Disclaimer Settings Work As Pairs

In order for this to work correctly, set both HTML and plain text disclaimers.

If both Company Level and User Level disclaimers are set, User Level will take precedence.

However if only one disclaimer is set (plain text) for User Level and both disclaimers are set for Company Level, no HTML disclaimer will be added to your outbound email.

To confirm: This would only have no disclaimer added to the outbound mail if that user level one is indeed empty. If you are sending a plain text email and the plain text contains a value and html is blank, the use plain text will be appended

Either add a disclaimer to the empty field or remove the disclaimer where only one is displayed. This will ensure disclaimers are added correctly.

The same logic applies to disclaimers for Groups. Both disclaimers need to be set or not displayed at all.