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Error when saving a filter: address contains invalid characters

Situation When creating a filter you receive an error about the email address pattern containing invalid characters.
Solution Review the Essentials filter settings


When attempting to create a filter (as outlined in Knowledge Base Article Essentials Filters: Expanded Overview) for an organization or user with multiple sender/recipient email addresses or domains, you may receive the below error after clicking Save Filter:

Email address pattern ', *' contains invalid characters


To resolve this error:

  1. Navigate to the Filters page.
  2. in the Filter Builder section, click on the second drop down box under If condition.
  3. The drop down list will have number of states - IS, IS NOT, IS ANY OF, IS NONE OF. In this case, as there are multiple email addresses/domains being used in the rule, ensure you have selected the operator 'IS ANY OF' or 'IS NONE OF' (as appropriate to your rule).

You should now be able to save your filter.