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How to Add MailChimp's IPs to your Safe Sender List

Situation You use MailChimp to send out marketing campaigns and some of these emails are being quarantined by Proofpoint
Solution Adding the MailChimp IPs to your Safe Sender List will allow these emails to bypass Proofpoint Essentials' Inbound Filter. This article provides information on breaking down larger CIDR ranges and lists MailChimp's IPs


Adding Larger CIDR ranges to Proofpoint essentials

Currently, Proofpoint Essentials only supports up to /24 CIDR ranges. However, some third party services such as MailChimp use larger ranges than we support. 

In these cases you will need to break up the bigger CIDR ranges into /24 ranges before adding them to your Safe Sender List

Helpful Tip

There are a variety of online tools that you can find freely available to convert the bigger ranges to /24

MailChimp IPs

The table below shows the outcome of /20, /18 & /16 CIDR ranges into /24 ranges.

Important Information

The IPs below are correct as of June 2019, however this is subject to change and Essentials support will not be monitoring any updates to MailChimp's IPs. Please refer to this article for the most up-to-date list of Delivery IPs.