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Proofpoint, Inc.

Sender List Information via API

Situation Is it possible to get all users including functional accounts sender list information via the API?
Solution Running an API command via Postman will return all sender list information.


Proofpoint Essentials API

Using the Proofpoint API is a great resource. It is a powerful tool that Admin users can use in order to get additional information they may require.

For additional API information, check out these articles:

API Overview

Proofpoint Essentials Interface API v1

Getting Sender List via API

Postman is used in the following example, this is a free and easy to use API Client that will output your results in a legible format, instead of a string of text that a command line interface may product

Get Command

The GET users command is the API call that needs to be run in order to return your users sender list information.
In order for the GET command to be successful you need to provide the information as seen below.


Results Returned

The results returned are shown below, you can see what email address, domains, IP address have been saved against each users block and safe sender lists. This also contains sender list information for functional accounts


Some information has been omitted from the results above