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How to quarantine encrypted attachments

Situation You have encrypted attachments being unchecked by Virus Scan or want to prevent encrypted attachments from being safely delivered to your users.
Solution Quarantine Encrypted Attachments Using a Filter. Create an inbound filter following the below steps.


Quarantine Encrypted Attachments using a Filter

  1. Navigate to Company Settings > Filters.
  2. Click New Filter.
  3. Give the filter a name, leave Direction set to Inbound, and click Continue.
    1. Under Filter Logic, select Attachment Name from the first If dropdown.
    2. Select Is from the next dropdown.
    3. Type the desired file extension in the blank field, such as *.zip.
  4. Click Add Another Condition.
    1. From the first dropdown, select Attachment Type.
    2. Select Is from the next dropdown.
    3. Click Manage.
    4. Click Other.
    5. Select Undecipherable attachments.
    6. Click Close.
  5. Select Quarantine from the Do dropdown.
  6. Click Save.


You can enter as many attachment names as you want, such as *.doc, *.docx, *.xls.