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Proofpoint, Inc.

Issues with Email Auto-forwarding


Unable to configure email Auto-forwarding. 

  • Admin would like to auto-forward Digest reports to another recipient or...
  • Admin has an End User or Functional Account that receives external emails and that account auto-forwards the email to another external account.
    • In both cases above the Admin will see Relay Access Denied from Proofpoint
Solution As Proofpoint Essentials is a closed relay system, there is no solution for this. Auto-forwarding is not available.

Proofpoint Essentials is a closed relay system. This means that all mail going through the Essentials platform must have a user associated with the platform, whether that be an End-User, Alias, or Functional Account. Proofpoint Essentials does not support the Outbound relaying of any email traffic for domains which do not belong to our customers and which have not been preregistered for a customer account.

Open Relay errors (Relay Access Denied) will not show in the UI logs. External senders may be notified, but often this error will only be found when tracing the email in the sending server's logs.

As such, Auto-forwarding messages should be relayed using DNS only.

Note: Forwarding of Quarantine Digests from one user to another is not supported. These Digests reference Spam email and will therefore be quarantined as spam.