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Proofpoint, Inc.

Proofpoint Essentials MSP Best Practices Blog Series

Proofpoint Essentials is used by thousands of MSPs worldwide to manage their customer’s email security environments. We designed the platform to for ease of onboarding and managing customers and continue to develop features to meet the needs of our MSP community. 

Over the years we have developed some best practices to help MSPs develop a successful, profitable practice around our solution. The purpose of this blog series to share those best practices. 

We encourage you to use this article as a desk reference whether you are a new MSP, just getting started, or a long-time veteran seeking ways to get more value out of the product. Also, if you want to see a future article on a specific topic, please leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you! 

# Title Summary Benefits
1 Set-up for Success: What to Do Prior to Mail Flow Cutover Tips, tricks and links to key documentation explaining the steps that should be taken prior to cutting mail flow over. Minimize the chance of mail flow delays or rejections when you cut mail flow over.
2 Cut Over Mail Flow Like a Pro Tips, tricks and links to key documentation explaining the steps that should be taken while cutting mail flow over to Proofpoint Essentials. Minimize the chance of mail flow delays or rejections during mail flow cutover to Proofpoint Essentials. 
3 Simplifying Customer Provisioning with Templates Best practices for automating customer onboarding steps with templates Onboard customers more rapidly with your preferred customizations.
4 Using Mass Updates to Manage Users Explains the key features and use cases for Mass Updates. Make common user setting changes to multiple users simultaneously

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