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Proofpoint, Inc.

Mass Update

Situation You need to apply a change to a large group of users.
Solution The Mass Update feature allows Admin users to make bulk changes. 


Mass Update

The mass update feature allows you to apply a change across all (or a large set of) users.

For example, if you have loaded users as silent users, you may want to convert them into end users to ensure that they receive the quarantine digest, and can login
to the system.

Applying a Mass Update

  1. Login to your Proofpoint Account.
  2. Navigate to the Users & Groups > Users tab.
  3. Select the number of users (from the checkbox on the left-hand side) that you would like to mass update.
  4. Select Mass Update from the Action drop-down list.
  5. Select the appropriate option from the list displayed.
  6. Click Update Users.

Mass Update: Options and Settings 

Assign to group Assign selected users to a particular group
Role Change role for selected user accounts (For example: Channel admin, Org admin, End user, Silent user, Functional accounts)
Receive Reports Enable / Disable receiving quarantine digest for selected users
Report only if new messages Receive digest reports for only new messages
Interval between report checks Time interval options between consecutive digest reports
Digest delivery start time Set time when digests should be sent
Change Password Setup a new password for selected accounts
Confirm Password Confirm new password for selected accounts
Send Welcome Email Send welcome Email to selected end users (not silent users)
Reset passwords for selected users Send password reset Email to selected end users


When changing a silent user to an end user, a welcome email will not be sent unless the Send Welcome Email option is selected during the update.