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Removing IP address from SORBS

Situation IP is listed on the Spam and Open Relay Blocking System (SORBS)
Solution Procedure to remove your IP from SORBS

Procedure to remove your IP from SORBS

The process to de-list your IP from SORBS is found on their support page.

SORBS Account

One thing to note is that you need to have a SORBS account. It is free to create one, but you must validate your account.

Follow the SORBS process

The most important step is 7 in the SORBS process

After completing the 7 steps, you will receive a message indicating your ticket was opened with a ticket number in the subject.

Next, you will receive a follow-up message indicating one of two things:

  • Your IP has been auto-removed (the process is now complete).
  • your IP was not auto-removed (please reply back to the message again indicating what you have done to correct the issue).

Not auto-removed

If you are not auto-removed, please make sure to respond back to the ticket

After you respond and still have issues with the IP still listed, please open a ticket with support and provide the ticket number given in SORBS.