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Disclaimer Not Appearing on Outbound Emails

Situation You have created a disclaimer for your outbound messages but it does not appear on your outbound emails.
Solution Create your disclaimer directly in Proofpoint's editor.


Your disclaimer is present in the Disclaimers section of the User Interface, but not being added to outbound emails. 


This problem usually occurs when the disclaimers have been created and edited in Microsoft Word.  Microsoft word adds it own formatting and styles which do not conform to HMTL standard and it breaks the HTML when copied into the Editor in Proofpoint Essentials.


To resolve this issue you should copy the disclaimer into a text editor (notepad, notepad++ etc) which removs all of Word's formatting.  Then paste it back into our HTML WYSIWYG editor.  Disclaimers will now be added to outbound emails.

All disclaimers should be created and edited in our HTML WYSIWYG editor to prevent any issues with HTML formatting from occurring.