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Sending Welcome Email to Multiple Users


This article describes how to use the Mass Update function to send Welcome Emails to multiple users at once. 

Set-up Check

Before you attempt this, first check to see if Welcome Email Notifications have been disabled per this KB: Disable Welcome Emails

If disabled, re-enable and save before proceeding.

Sending Welcome Email

Please follow the below steps to send a welcome email to multiple users. 

  1. Navigate to Administration > User Management > Users.
  2. Select the checkbox beside the user(s) you wish to send the Welcome email to

    Note: The selections work on a page-by-page basis. Only the users on the current page will get checked. If you go to the next page, the users will be de-selected.

  3. Click Mass Update Users.
  4. Check the Send Welcome Email checkbox.
  5. Click Update Users.

All selected end users will receive a welcome email. 

Are users not receiving the email? Check out our article Why aren't my users receiving a Welcome email?