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Proofpoint, Inc.

Emails are not being received after setting up an organization on Proofpoint Essentials

Situation You have finished migrating or creating a new customer into Proofpoint, but email is not flowing. Senders are seeing lots of rejections from Proofpoint servers.
  • New Proofpoint account needs propagation time up tp 60 minutes. 
  • Verify all steps for a creation or migration of a new customer have been successfully completed.

Once an account is completely setup on Proofpoint Essentials User Interface according to the getting started guide found here, the Partners/Customers will need to wait up to 60 minutes for the changes to update across Proofpoint Essentials' Network before testing the service. If you need a copy of the Getting Started Guide, please contact Support or your Reseller.

Partners/Customers should ensure they have provided all the required information and the following have been configured. (Any changes made will require up to 60 minutes propagation time)

If emails are not being delivered from one particular domain 

If you are not receiving email from a specific domain, it could be due to one of the reasons below. Check here for more information.

  • The sender is on one or more of Proofpoint's email block lists. 
    • Check IP sender IP address in our IPcheck (Normally, sender will see a rejection message with :"Email error 550 email blocked")
    • Contact Essentials Support to check if sender domain is being blocked on the domain level
  • There is an issue with the senders SMTP server (You will need to request SMTP outbound logs of the sending server)
  • Emails might have been detected as spam and should be visible in the user's quarantine.