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Configuring User Digest Settings

Situation You want to configure your User Digest and need to know what the various Digest Settings do.

See information below for:

  • User Digest Overview
  • Options For Digests
  • Functional Accounts


User Digest Overview

Digests are used to allow end-users to easily view a list of emails that have been quarantined.

End-user digest settings are initially inherited from the admin level Digest settings.


Please see the next section for differences in the digest settings at a User/Functional Account level.


Options for digests

This section will go over differences between the admin level settings versus the user/functional account settings.

Enabling digest for User

This is similar to: Receive Quarantine Digests

However, more with functional accounts, you have the option to set: Yes - But send to alternative user. This is more for administrator purposes to have a single individual manage this.

If using the Yes, but send to alternative user option, you should need to search by the Name set on that email address. See instructions below.


Timestamp of last Quarantine Digest check

This section is a timestamp of when a digest was last sent, even when one is generated via the interface (see below). 

Blank Field: This is only blank if this is a new address that has never had a digest sent.

The timestamp here is when an email was generated. If the timestamp is old, please validate quarantined items by performing a log search and review items based upon the time interval and settings of items that would be quarantined: Understanding Email Logs

Send Quarantine Digest

This is a button to initiate a digest send at the current time. This should update the timestamp of the last digest check if items are currently quarantined.



How to set digest to be sent to another user

If you want a user or functional account's digest sent to another user you can use the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Administration > User management > Users or Functional Accounts.

  2. Click on the desired User/Functional Account.
  3. Click Digests. (At the top of the page)
  4. Set Enable digests for users  to Yes - But send to alternative user.
  5. Use the 'Search users...' to search by Name.
  6. Select the email address of the user you want the digest sent to.
  7. Click Save.

The 'Search users...' field will only work for users with a name set up. Searching by email address is not supported

Is your digest not being delivered? Check out our article Quarantine Digest Report Not Delivered.