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Proofpoint, Inc.

Enabling User Digests

Situation You want to access, modify, or better understand your digest settings.

See below for information on how to:

  • Access digest settings
  • Enable or Disable receiving Quarantine Digests
  • An explanation of available settings

How to access Digest Settings


Navigate to Administration > Account Management > Digests

Enabling quarantine digests

Enabling Digests for all users:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Account Management > Digests.

  2. Set Receive Quarantine Digests to Yes.
  3. Check the box by Update Quarantine Digest settings for all existing user accounts near the Save button.
  4. Click Save.

By updating all users option, they will inherit all settings from the admin level.

Enabling Digests for specific Users:

Please see this KB: Configuring User Digest Settings

You can configure user level settings different from the admin level default settings.

Digest Settings

Receive Quarantine Digest

This is an on/off functionality to either receive a digest or not.

Only include messages quarantined since the last Quarantine Digest was sent

  • Yes means only new emails appear in the digest since the last run.
  • No: Without this selected, each digest will contain quarantined emails set forth by the Retention Period .

Quarantine Digest Delivery Start Time

Sets the time digests will be sent and/or start.

This time is based off the customer's time zone set in the Profile. 

Interval between digest checks

Change the interval between each sent digest, allowing you to control the frequency. (4h, 6h, 8h, 12h, 24h)

Retention Period

Controls how long emails are available in quarantine digests. You can set this between 1 day - 30 days.

  • Please note this is tied to the earlier setting of: Only include messages quarantined since the last Quarantine Digest was sent
  • The digest will only show the first 100 quarantined messages. To see more please see this KB: Understanding Email Logs

Include emails that have been quarantined by

By default, the Digests will not include any Filtered or Blocked Sender rules. If you wish to include those configurations, you may select which ones you wish to have reported. You can choose the filters/rules created by: Organization, Groups, or User level filters/sender lists.

  • Organization filters and Blocked Sender List: These will include all mails that have been quarantined due to a global company filter set by your company administrator or on the global block list.

  • Group filters and Blocked Sender List:: These will include all mails that have been quarantined due to a group filter that has been set by your company administrator or sender lists. To see what groups you are associated with go to User Management > Groups > Select the Group > Sender Lists (top menu of Group Profile).

  • End-user filters and Blocked Sender List:: These will include all mails that have been quarantined due to a user filter or Sender List block that the user created. To see what Sender List filters you have created go to User Management > Users > Click on the User Profile > Sender Lists (top menu of user Profile)

Anti-Spoofing Policies - If the anti-spoofing policy is enabled, messages marked as Fraud for DKIM, DMARC, or SPF currently do not show in the digest. Only administrators can view these from the logs and release.

Exclude messages from the Quarantine Digest that are most likely to be spam:

If this option is set we will try to reduce the amount of emails in your digest by removing the ones that we are more sure are spam. This makes in easier for you to see any false positives that may have occurred when checking over your digest.

Disable Mail Preview From Digest

This will disable the option to preview any items within the Digest.